Radiation analysis - Trying to get separate results for each surface


I’m trying to run a radiation simulation where the test geometry is a series of small surfaces (11) that each represent a key situation on the model. The visualization is working perfectly, but I’m mostly interested in the numbers.

My issue is that the results from the radiation analysis component (Radiationresult) are organized by {surface number} but I have no way to know which of the surfaces is associated with each number.
I’m looking for a way to match those results with my model, either through a color indicator, the surface name, anything really …

So far, I have tried multiple options, including matching surface ids with the ones from “analysisMesh” without success.

Any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:


I’ve done this earlier with a insane model, if you look into the data tree of testPts and radiationResult, in your case which should be rather simple, all of the points should be in the same branch, so easiest way it is simplify the branch, link them to tree branch and select with a same slider. which should work perfectly

Hello there,

Sorry but I couldn’t understand your reply, and I’m interested in the answer to the same question. Could you upload a GH example please? Many thanks