Radiation Analysis


I am running a solar radiation analysis in Ladybug (screenshot_01).

As the analysis period is the whole year, it is generating the annual total radiation.

Is there a way to extract these data and represent the hourly radiation in a 3d chart - similar to the ones we can get from the epw files (screenshot_02)?

Thanks a lot!


Hi Elias,

this is a possible way:

  • Antonello

Thanks Antonello! For the future reference, there is/will be a much cleaner solution for this in Honeybee[+].

Hi Antonello,

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply! :slight_smile:

I’ve tried your way but somehow I’m having the Real Time Radiation Analysis component failing to collect data (screenshot attached).

Any idea why?

Many thanks,


Hi Elias,

the error is because you have connected “readMe!” instead “selectedSkyMatrix”.

  • Antonello

I’ve tried it before and still not working - although in your screenshot it is connected to “readMe!”.

Sorry and thanks again.


Elias, you are right about the picture, my mistake. thanks!
However the right connection is selectedSkyMatrix > _selectedSkyMatrix.

Could you share your file so I take a look at it?

  • Antonello

Antonello! still not working: the radiation result is null (screenshot attached).

Do you mind sharing your script?

Thanks a lot!!

Hi Elias,

You should update your ladybug version. Use “LB updateLadybug”.

After that you could try this example file, I hope this helps.

  • Antonello

example_radiation_graph.gh (409 KB)

you’re missing cumulative sky input!