Radiation and daylight analysis

Hi everybody

I have a problem with my analysis. I want to analyze the floor of an interior room in a building for radiation and daylight autonomy. Radiation comes from energy and the unit is kwh/m2. So energyplus should analyze this, and I need to model my building with all of the thicknesses of interior walls and exterior walls. And I should give EP materials to my model. Am I right?

And for Daylight Autonomy analysis I need to give RAD materials to my model. So for this analysis Do I need to give the thicknesses of interior walls and exterior walls?

I want to know the difference between the results from radiation analysis with thicknesses of walls and ceilings and floors and the results from radiation analysis without thickness…

I don’t know where I am wrong!!

If you know anything about this please help me


If you’re running a daylight analysis it’s always recommended to add the thickness of the wall to the model. The effect depends on your case and the depth of the wall. I have already replied to the other question about the materials in another discussion that you have posted.

Hi… Thank you Mostapha for your reply. Yeah I have asked this question in another forum but you said that I repost it in ladybug forum. Now I am convinced that to have an exact simulation I should consider wall thickness.