Ray_tracing question

Hi everyone,

I’m testing out the effect of a high reflective glazed facade on nearby buildings. I was hoping I can trace the rays that bounce of this facade and reflect back on the surrounding buildings. I’ve tried the LB Bounce component but no luck so far, sometimes I get a generic error such as “connect surfaces and sun vectors” other times I get an error saying “no reflection” . I’m not sure if I connected the right inputs, I’m totally confused. I attached my Rhino and Grasshopper files hoping that someone could help me set-up the component.

Thanks in advance

High_Ref_Glazing.3dm (545 KB)
High_Ref_Glazing.gh (376 KB)

Hi Rania,

Some issues in your file. See attached a working one. I internalized the geometry for my convenience.

The inputs for the LB_bounceFromSurface must be integer numbers. The Panel input doesn’t recognize them as such.

Besides that you have an issue using Surface components instead of Brep/Mesh. See red groups.

The last one: the time periods were defined wrong. Fixed. In the file i choose only one hour, so it runs fast.


High_Ref_Glazing_AY.gh (409 KB)

Hi Abraham,

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I tried to figure this out for two whole days and no luck. I started to believe that there was something wrong with with my model.

Thanks again.