Read_EP_Result fail

Hi all!

Could be a beginner mistake, but I gave it a couple of hours :frowning:

This is my first Honeybee definition and a test of this tutorial (files attached):ā€¦;

Any idea? Iā€™ve checked all the files and geometriesā€¦all of them have informationā€¦

Thanks in advance!

honeybee_01.3dm (112 KB) (533 KB)

Hi Ramon,

You connected ā€œidfFileAddressā€ instead ā€œresultFileAddressā€ output.
to Read EPResult component.

The input data file (IDF) containing the data describing the building and other systems to be simulated.



Thanks Omid,

such a ***pid thing! and two hours in front of it

thanks again :wink: