readEPResult issue


In doubt where to post this one (here or github) …

I have a file (attached) that simulates fine (E+). The thing is that the readEPResult complains like this:

  1. Failed to parse the result file. The csv file might not have existed when connected or the simulation did not run correctly.Try reconnecting the _resultfileAddress to this component or re-running your simulation.

Needless to say that the simuation ran fine, all the files are in the proper site and they are not 0 size.

To make it more interesting the readEPSrfResult accepts the same output file from the simulation.

What is the thing i’m missing?


-A. (873 KB)

Please upload your GH file. I fear this may be a bug in the new release.

Hi Chris,

I uploaded it. At least i see it in my post … can you?


Ah. Sorry. Your file is right there. I didn’t realize it on my smart phone.

Phew! Not a major bug. Just a small one that has been there since the component was first written. You used a “:” in the name of your zone and the CSV file uses “:” to separate the name of the zones from the type of output. So having an extra “:” in there messes it all up.

This is a really tough thing to fix right now so I will get to it at some later point. For now, it’s generally not a good idea to put special characters into the names of your zones or surfaces. In the future, I think we will put in a bunch of checks in the future that remove these from any custom name that someone chooses.

A fixed file is attached.

-Chris (880 KB)

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I’ve found a more efficient solution. I used now the ReplaceText component, so i can keep the whole name but replace the “::” with “_” (or anything else).

What is weird is that it is working with this issue in another file.

Thanks again,


Cool. Mostapha just showed me a cool way to fix the problem so the zone result reader will now work when there’s a “:” in the zone name.

Thanks Mostapha!