readEPSrfResult - Results missing


Something weird is happening with the HB_readEPSrfResult.

I’m getting the results from the simulation and connect the to the readEPSrfResult. It is not showing any error but none of the output items are giving any result.

Moreover, some of the outputs are missing, for instance surfaceEnergyFlow, which is weird since i have external surfaces (and windows).

Of course the HB_EPOutput is set to produce surface results.

I have another file where this works fine (at the same working session). The only difference is that there is only one zone, and here i have many (which i don’t believe should be a problem).

The folder where the results are is well populated, specially i have a in.eio in there (120kb).

Any ideas?



I can’t tell what is going on immediately by reading your description. Upload your GH definition and I’ll take a look.

Hi Chris,

Quick response!!

Attached. There are a lot of things in there …

I’m suspecting it can be a memory issue. I’m running at 84%, which is not critical, but …

-A. (1.01 MB)


I found the issue. The names for your zones contained colons (:slight_smile: within them and this is the same character that EnergyPlus CSV outputs use to separate the zone name from the name of the output. So you can imagine that this messes with the result parser and this is why you got the odd result out of the Read EP Surface Result. The attached file works correctly (once you change the colon to some other character).

I think that I’ll add an extra check within Honeybee_Honeybee to catch all of these possible characters that can mess with the workflow.

I’ll post back soon,

-Chris (1.02 MB)

This is great Chris,


Eye of the hawk.



Thank YOU for finding this issue.

I added in some code to catch all of the problematic characters that I could think of:…

Hopefully, we shouldn’t have issues like this for a while :slight_smile: