Reading outputs from 5 phase daylighting analysis

I am trying to troubleshoot a 5 phase daylighting study and really want to be able to read and display the outputs from various iterations without having the “Run Daylight Simulation” component set to True. I am missing the “Lookup Daylighting Folder” from HB-Legacy and the workflow for post processing results apart from the simulation. IS there something I am missing or is there a way to do this in HB+?
Thanks for any help.

Did you try to set reuseMtx input on recipe to True? That should behave similar to re-loading the results from folder without re-running the study.

Yes, but when I see unexpected results and need to troubleshoot, I may run multiple iterations varying one thing each time to see where the issue is. I also don’t want it to re-run if I change something in the model or a setting. In this case, I want to be able to read the results from the folder so I can visually compare without having to copy the entire simulation inputs.