Recent LegendParameters bug?

Hello all,

Has anyone else had trouble recently using the Ladybug Legend Parameters component with the SkyDome component? I was using them through mid-December, then at the end of that month I updated some components, and it hasn’t worked since. There was a version mismatch, but all my components are currently at v0.61, and they are still not working together (tho the sky dome works with default legend parameter settings).

Hi Nick,

I just uploaded the new version to Food4Rhino. Do you want to update your file and give it a try with the new version. Let us know if it didn’t solve ths issue.


I remember having problems with Legend Parameters as well, it was freezing my laptop before so I was avoiding any legend tweaks with Sky Dome.

I just checked it and as Mostapha said, with latest version (.62) it works good and faster (or maybe it only felt so to me).

Great to know that, thanks for the fix Mostapha!