Recolor mesh component / targeted lux value

Hi everyone,

I know there are different topics like mine problem but even i read all of them i couldnt correct the recolur mesh component warning cant visualize the daylight analyis.
warning: length of the results is not equal to the number of mesh faces. (you can see in the attachment)

Do you have any suggestions?

And one more question from illuminance value results can we choose a target lux value or a range for optimization? (937.7 KB)

singleapartment.3dm (718.2 KB)

Thank you very much.

Hi,@feyzas Your first question is about data and mesh mismatch. It is easy to fix it. Just need two steps
1、flatten the lux value.
2、join the analysis meshes

thank you very much @minggangyin it solved my problem :slight_smile:

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