Recover Results "NaN To NaN"

Hi everybody,

i would like to ask you if it is possible to recover the results of the zone operative temperature (both values results and plotting results) in order to don´t run the simulation again, which takes hours.

This is my workflow:

I have tried to connect the resultFileAddress (in HB_Read EP surface result component) with the address of the results i have obtained once i have run the simulation, but the output of resultValues from the “Visualize microclimatemap” is “NaN To NaN”, so i guess i am doing something wrong.

Someone can help me?

I don´t think/hope that run the simulation again is the only solution :wink:

PS In the HB_Microclimate Map Analysis component i left the writeResultFile input as default, so it is set to true.

Thanks a lot in advance



I wrote a component HB_LookupFolder_EnergyPlus that is intended for the situations you are describing.

You can find it in group 10.


Hi Abraham,

thanks a lot for your answer, i have tried your component and it is really useful but it doesn´t really solve my “time consuming”-problem.

As you can see from the image attached in my first message, i am running an energy simulation to get the operative temperature on each cell of the grid during the hottest week of the year.

So actually through your component i have just saved the time for the energyplus simulation, which is 1/10 of the time that the Microclimate map analysis spends (i guess that in my workflow that is the component which takes much more time to process)…

Because i have tried to get the result running simultaneously two files with the same workflow, one with your component (recalling the energyplus results from the folder) and one without (so it has to run again the energyplus), and it tooks the same time.

I don´t know if i express well everything, but is there a way to recall also the result of the operativeTempMtx ?

Thanks a lot in advance


Hi Claudia.

Sorry for the delay. I was on the road.

The answer to your question is that this is indeed possible to read the matrix results. Pretty easily. See image. The top components show the “regular” way to stream the results. This is what you use and it calculates everytime the whole thing.

The bottom components show how you can read the results. Just set the writeResultFile_ to True and you are practically done. In the HB_ you need to conect the HB_readMicroclimateMtx which input , _comfResultFileAddress, should be the path of the result file you are interested in.

The image is clearer than the explanation. I’m sure you will succeed now.