Referencing a perforated RADIANCE mixfunc material with

I am trying to render a mixfunc material which uses the “” cal file and applies perforations in the y-direction to a plane with the metal material “aluminum”

I have the file in the Radiance/lib folder

Everything works fine when i assign materials directly to the “CreateHBSrfs” component, such as:

void metal aluminum
5 0.8 0.8 0.8 0 0.0

But when i connect the mixfunc, i get an error when i run the simulation.

void mixfunc y_perforation
6 aluminum void y_hole -s 0.1
1 0.5

error is:

…Does not seem to be able to find something

I want to make sure i am defining the materials appropriately in HB

Any suggests, as always, APPRECIATED !

(file attached) (612 KB)


I didn’t open your file but I have two suggestions based on the material definition that may help:

  1. I think you cannot pass void as one of the materials. If you want to create a perforated metal then I you can create a glass with 100% trans. and pass it as the first material.

  2. Make sure to copy to the study folder or give it the full path

void mixfunc y_perforation
6 aluminum airGlass y_hole c:/radiance/lib/ -s 0.1
1 0.5

1 and 2 did the trick!


Hi, I have a mixfunc .cal material That I a am struggling with. I have 3 materials created the last one is the .cal that includes the other 2 but I keep getting this error. Am I doing it in a wrong way?

Please advise.

Hi mohamed. Hard to tell. Can you upload your [simplified] file?

Hi Mostapha,

Here you go…


Extreme RotationStudy (538 KB)

Hi M0hamed. I assume it’s very late to reply to this but just for the reference you’re passing trans as vname which should be a number between 0-1.