Removal of Non-Daylight Hours in Annual Simulation

Hello all,

When running an annual daylight simulation, and inspecting the results it appears from the .ill file, the illuminance values have been filtered based on the list of daylight hours.

The question is: does HB only simulate hours where the sun is above the horizon? Or is the filtering completed after the Radiance simulation? Within the script I am not entering any inputs into the occupancy schedule before the “Run Annual Daylight” component.



Hi @johnsloane ,

The HB Annual Daylight component in LBT Honeybee (version 1.3) only simulates the sun-up hours and this saves a lot of simulation time. Some of the postprocessing components like the HB Annual Results To Data can put back the zeros in the list for the nighttime hours and this is essentially what happens whenever Honeybee processes schedules to compute annual Daylight metrics like daylight autonomy.

Does that answer your question?

Hey @chris

This does answer my question. I think you also answered my next question which was: when sDA was calculated for somewhere where no-sun hours creeped into the range of occupied time, those “0” hours are accounted for in the calculation?

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