Removing/Deleteing EP Material from Library


Hi there, is there a way to remove a material from the EP library?


Once you defined a material/construction you have it in memory for the whole GH session. Quiting GH and Rhino will clean the library … until the next time (if you define again the same material).


Fantastic! Thank you!


Sorry to bring this back up, but where can I find the temporary file where the EP Objects are stores?

Ill make a component that flushes the memory when you click it. I often find my mode having problems when re uploading Objects to the library, and restarting rhino for that is bothersome. Thanks!


There are not temporary files but temporary memory store … which you can’t empty.
But what is about this that is bothering your stream work? You just don’t have to use those materials … and if you do, you can change their properties and redefine to what you need.


After doing some investigation I found out what the problem is. I have clusters which inside contain HBSurface and HBZone creation components. If I have multiple copies of these clusters in my definition, sometimes I run into the problem that they create HBZones/Surfaces with the same names, and this generates an error. The fix was to really make sure that each HBZone/Surface that I create has a unique name. I hope this is useful for people in the future.

Simple proof:

The cluster contains just the Massses2Zones component. Both clusters are entangled.