Renewables in Ladybug

Hello chris and all.I went through all the webinars I thank you and your team. Chris can you please suggest me how to go forward with your renewble battery. Can we expect any tutorials in near future?

@Asisnath ,

Here is an up-to-date example showing how to run an energy simulation with photovoltaics.

I know that EnergyPlus has objects for modeling batteries with renewable sources like PV but I don’t think that these objects are currently exposed in Honeybee. So you will have to add the battery objects with additionalStrings_ or post-process the Honeybee-generated IDF to add them in.

I know that there are also some OpenStudio Measures for on-site renewable energy and these might involve some options for batteries. You can assign these measures to your OpenStudio model using the workflow in this example.

I know @Grasshope and @AbrahamYezioro have done more simulations with PVs that I so they might also be able to offer some suggestions.

Thank you @chris for your valuable suggestions. i will try out this examples. I have also gone through ladybug batteries and there also it has renewable options. Is it different from honeybee stuff?