Result file not exporting

In my class, we are all using the same script to run energy simulations. For one of my students, the ‘export to open studio’ component does not write the results to the cvs file that the ‘read EP results’ components wants to have. The simulations runs without any problem and the componentn exports all the other results, but not the ‘main’ csv results file. Anyone any idea what might cause this?


Could be many things. We can help better if you can post a screenshot of the student’s exportToOpenStudio setup, and attach a GH file.

But first, I would check everything related to the filepath the component is writing to. If there’s a foreign character (like spaces, periods, accents) in the directory the student is writing to, or in the way the student is naming the file, you usually get errors like this. Remove all foreign characters (or better yet allow the component to use it’s default naming conventions), ensure the directory it’s writing to is similarly purged of foreign characters and try running the simulation again.