Results (Solar Radiation Analysis)

Hello guys!
I’ve been working on Ladybug - Solar Radiation Analysis, and there’s a high variability within results, by changing the grid size.
For example with the same facade:
-Grid size 1.00m (919095kWh/year)
-Grid size 0.50m (3676379kWh/year)
-Grid size 0.25m (14761220kWh/year)
Anyone could help me figure out and how does it work?

This can make perfect sense. The radiation is calculated for the center point of each grid in the mesh. The bigger the grid size the less values changes, specially if you have a context that can make a big difference in the results.
If you don’t have a context the values should be the same for a similar orientation. But having a context will make some difference.
Hope it explain this for you.