Run a year long energy simulation for only the hours between 7AM to 7PM

Is this possible using the honeybee EnergyPlus simulation component? Or do I have to run the year simulation with an hourly timestep and sort through the data myself?

The whole year and sort …!
You can run one day, one week or whatever period you want, but … the whole range of hours for that period.

Thanks Abraham,

I have another question maybe you can help me with… I am using Colibri Iterations and so far have been recording 1 result per output (kWh , kWh/m2 , average PMV) using the mass addition component.

Is it possible to record all 8760 results (hourly timestep) per iteration, as my model is not letting me do so

Please upload a minimal version of the relevant parts of your file with necessary data internalised. That way Abraham and others will be able to help you better.