Run Daylight Analysis error

Hi all!

I’m doing an image based simulation, based on one of @mostapha tutorials (
I’ve followed the same workflow of the tutorial, but when I set to ‘True’ the boolean toggle connected to ‘_writeRad’ input, an error message appears on the balloon of the ‘Run Daylight Simulation’ component.
The message says the following:
"rpict: warning - non-planar vertex for polygon “34355b87a4fb41bab72a_65_0”

rpict: warning - empty output picture"

In parallel, I’ve been working with the file Mostapha is doing the exercise, and that workflow works perfect (when I set to true the boolean Toggle conncected to ‘_writeRad’ input) meanwhile mine doesn’t generate the GIF.

Hope someone could help me with this “issue”. (482.8 KB)

Many thanks in advance :pray:,