Run Energy Simulation component run time error

I got the following runtime error when using the latest Run Energy Simulation component for a simple model:

… and it seems before the simulation it is reminding me mandatory input is missing although all required inputs have been specified:

May I ask what’s the course of this issue?

Thank you!

  • Ji (553 KB)

I run the IDF generated through EP-Launch, and it seems that all the default material definitions used for the default constructions are all missing …

May I ask how come the materials are not written into the IDF file using the Run Energy Simulation component?

There is no such problem when using the Export to OpenStudio component to run the simulation:

the idf file and GH file are attached

Hi Ji,

Your file ( runs fine on my machine … :slight_smile: or :-(?

Good news?

I suggest closing GH and Rhino and trying again.


Hi Ji,

This is my fault. I made a change last night to put in more functionality with imported constructions from LBNL WINDOW and I was only checking the impact on the OpenStudio component (not the E+ component). This is fixed now:…

-Chris (552 KB)

Dear Chris and Abraham, thank you very much for the very prompt update! It works fine now.

  • Ji