Run Simulation - Server Busy

Hi guys!

I have one problem when I run the energy simulation in Honeybee. A warning like this appears on my screen every new simulation and prevents me from performing my simulations. How can I solve this problem?

“Server Busy – This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy . Choose ‘Switch to’ to activate the busy progra and correct the problem”


@lucasmartinezcosta, it’s a problem that has to do with Rhino, not Ladybug unfortunately. Here’s one post on the Mcneel forums with a potential fix you can try:

For what it’s worth, that didn’t work for me, however I’ve found the pop-up doesn’t have any effect on the simulation itself, and so I’ve learned to just ignore it.


Thanks @SaeranVasanthakumar!
this is a problem to optimization tools, because prevent the automatic run. For example, I’m using Opossum and as long as the notification is not closed the optimization doesn’t continue.

Ah I see. Did the fix suggested in the Mcneel forum not work for you? I would suggest reporting your issue there, they may have other suggestions to address it.


I updated my Rhino 6 version and the problem is over!