Run To OSM runs but still gives warnings

Hello everyone,

  1. I am using the ladybug tools for my master thesis but I am facing some problems when running the component “HB Model to OSM” .
    The component actually runs without giving error but when I read the report is as in the following screenshot:

I am wondering what the problem can be in this case, is it related to my geometry in rhino or am I doing something wrong in my workflow?
I will upload my file here:
simulation (302.7 KB)

Together with the link to my .epw file:

  1. I would also have another question which might sound stupid to a lot of you, but if anybody can help me with a way how to include ground geometry into the energy model because I have a feeling like I am doing it completely wrong.

Any help would be very much appreciated as I feel a little stuck at the moment. Thank you.

If the component isn’t orange or red, then your simulation is fine. EnergyPlus just likes to log a bunch of things for your information. The vast majority of them are not important unless you are a E+ nerd (like me) who wants to know every little detail of what’s going on in the simulation.

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