runDaylightAnalysis - RADNonPlanarChildSurface issue


Following this discussion and this one i’m trying to set the whole process of a grid simulation.

Suddenly i get this error with the HB_runDaylightAnalysis:

Runtime error (IndexOutOfRangeException): index out of range: 1
line 2495, in RADNonPlanarChildSurface, “<string>”
line 1697, in writeRADAndMaterialFiles, “<string>”
line 193, in main, “<string>”
line 258, in script

I’m assuming there is a bug with non planar windows … or maybe i’m missing something?


-A. (510 KB)

Just wanted to update that with “older” components (v. 0.0.59 - 2016) it works fine.


Hi Abraham,

I think this is a bug, if you change lines from 2495 to 2497 of Honeybee_Honeybee in this way:

for srf in surface.childSrfs:
for glzCount, glzCoorList in enumerate(coordinatesList):
fullStr = fullStr + self.getsurfaceStr(srf, glzCount, glzCoorList)

it works for this case, but we should see what happens with multiple non planar windows.

  • Antonello

Thanks Antonello,

It solves this only window, but as you were suspecting, for more than one window, it fails in the simulation but for a different reason. The octree(s) created are truncated:

Failed to read the results!
rtrace: fatal - (kuku_RAD.oct): truncated octree

Runtime error (PythonException): Failed to read the results!
rtrace: fatal - (kuku_RAD.oct): truncated octree

line 336, in script

This happens for both versions (0.0.59 and 0.0.61) :frowning:

Uploaded the example with one and two curved windows.

-A. (599 KB)

Thanks for finding the bug. I just added an issue to GitHub. I don’t remember if I have changed the code for daylight modeling. Anyways, I won’t be able to check this until later tonight or during the weekend. Feel free to send a PR if you get a chance to test it against a number of scenarios: 1. planar glazing. 2. Multiple planar glazing on the same surface. 3. Multiple non-planar glazing.


I added to the issue a link to an example with different scenarios.



Thanks. It should be fixed now:…

I believe this change has happened after the latest release on Food4Rhino, otherwise we have to update the package.

Thanks Mostapha.

Works fine now!!