Running a BSDF material with EP

Hi all

I´m pretty new using HB. I was wondering if HB can assign a BSDF material in EnergyPlus. I have tried this way but I cannot find any material assigned as BSDF in the idf file EP exported.
Many thanks in advance!

Hi Doris,

The BSDF material you defined have only optical properties, so it is not enough for energy simulation (E+). You can use the LBL Window software to use your BSDF data, combine it with glazing system and export it for EnergyPlus.

Thanks for your prompt response! Is there a manual or a tutorial for doing that?

I have done this for using a shading system in TRNSYS in this study, and it is almost the same for E+ (you don’t need to use trnBSDF).
Exploring the potential of the dynamic facade simulating daylight and energy performance of complex fenestration systems (venetian blinds)

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