Running daylight simulation

Dear friends

I am new in bug&bee. I tried to import Rad materials and surfaces like Mostapha teaches in his first video about daylighting, but I had no results. You can see what I have done in the attached picture.

Thank you for your advises in advance

Your output is not well connected.
See image:

Abraham, thanks for your help, but I have a few more questions. The wires are still orange in your work. does not it mean that there is something wrong? the next question, I set 10000 lux for sky illumination, does not it cause any problem? and the last one my honeybee is 59 and yours is 58 and the outputs of my daylight simulation is a bit different as you can see in the picture. which output should I choose instead of ResultFiles to see my RadMaterials? Thanks for your time.


See attached.

It is a simple example. You are almost there, just the last HB component is not right.

-A. (503 KB)

Abraham, thanks so much.