We are having issues running just a basic energy+ model. I’ve stripped down the file to quite a basic level (see attached) but we still can’t seem to get anything meaningful out. I am not sure if I am doing something dumb, whether the rhino geom is corrupt or there is a bug in the components I am running.

I’m sure I am missing something obvious.



Colby_150211_DC.3dm (2.31 MB) (584 KB)

Hi Duncan

The file runs fine for me if I remove your working directory.

See attached.

Colby_150211_DC AJZ (589 KB)

Hi Duncan, This is my bad. I updated the libraries for Schedules, constructions and materials last night and I updated the parsing code but I didn’t consider that some users may not update the Honeybee components while the library will be updated as soon as you let the honeybee fly. There are two solutions:

  1. Updated Honeybee to the latest version (which is what I would recommend) and 2. Remove the new OpenStudioMasterTemplate.idf file and rename the backup file which will be still in Ladybug default folder back to OpenStudioMasterTemplate.idf.

To avoid this issue from happening for more users I reverted back the change in version until we do the next new release within couple of days.


Cool, update from github?

ignore that