Scrambled zone labels with pitched roof

Hi there!

I’ve noticed that the zone labels get all scrambled up when I incorporate pitched roofs/walls.

The first screenshot shows the zone breps with vertical walls. As soon as I edit them and they are at an angle, the zone labels are all over the place, see second screenshot…
Does anyone know what this is about?

There is something more than just the pitched roofs going on. It miscalculates the center point of each zone. Is there a chance that you can share part of the definition so we can replicate the error.

Hi Mostapha,
I’ve found out that the root of the problem lies in the way the breps are edited. In the above version I’ve created the pitched walls by using boolean operations on the straight wall extrusions. When I create the extrusions with pitched walls included right away, the zone labels stay where they are, see also attached file.
The problem is, some zone geometries are quite hard to replicate without using boolean operations… (514.7 KB)

Thank you for sharing the file. It was happening because we were using a quick method to calculate the boundingbox and it was returning a wrong geometry. It’s now fixed!

Here is the file with the updated component: (515.7 KB)

@chris do you know why don’t we just use the center point of the honeybee zone and re-calculate it from the bounding box?

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Thanks for fixing this. To be honest, I have no idea why I originally wrote it to use the bounding box instead of the volume centroid. Maybe I thought that the bounding box would do a better job with concave zones where the center point lies outside of the zone volume (it seems like they should both have this same limitation, though). In any case, I am completely cool if you want to change it but it seems like this one is working well for now.

Awesome, thanks for the fix!