sDA-area weighting

Hey @sarith, @mostapha,

just checked the sDA code definition and realised that it´s no area weighting built in.
So e.g. when I have a lot of curved shapes in the floorplan, the area of that mesh is always much smaller than the mesh(grid size) area around, therefore the sDA value can be miscalculated.
You know any simple way to fix it ?

Peter Z

Hi @PeterZatko, where is the specific code you are referring to? Is the Honeybee or HB[+]? Can you point to it on github? I have messed around with the code-base in several months, but I might be able to figure out if we are getting things right or not.


Hi @sarith,
Actually both, legacy and +, question will be how to get the area around each point right ?
so for the HB[+]- it starts here , and the actual points / sDA calculation taking into account the points itself is here , but even as the description says its :
" Returns:
sDA: Spatial daylight autonomy as percentage of analysis points. "
and not the area

And for the Legacy is in the Read Annual Resuts I components: here

huh, that´s long
Peter Z

@PeterZatko All the sDA calculations are based on the idea of percentage of sensor points, so there is no area-weighting. If you are using the standard Honeybee generate test points script, can’t you get the area of individual faces from the component itself (facesArea)?

Hi @sarith,
This is the way we do it now. To do it “manually” instead of the component output itself.
I don´t think there is a big difference, but just to be exact you know :slight_smile:

Peter Z