sDA results in Honeybee plus is very high using daylight coefficient method

I am running a simulation for LEED using daylight coefficient method and I am using the sDA and ASE components in Honeybee plus, I only chose a small part of the floor plan to be simulated, and I noticed that when I add windows on the north side ( it is fully glazed with 70% Light transmittance) the sDA result goes from 61% to 89% approximately, which seems high… I am uploading the script that I used ,the Rhino file and weather file, the windows on the south and west sides have a blind schedule that I also generated in the script (the blinds need to be down if more than 5 points receive direct illuminance greater than 1000 lux ) the results are also internalized in the grasshopper file… Any thoughts or ideas? the result in the picture is for the daylight autonomy,
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I also noticed two other problems,
1- I ran the daylight coefficient method and generated illuminance for the hours from 09 to 22 to check the direct component of the sun only, and I saw that in the simulation results there was a direct contribution of the sun even though the cloud cover was 9 and there was no direct solar irradiation as shown in the picture below,

2- I tested the CIE sky in honeybee plus, and also noticed that there is very small difference in the results when I use an overcast sky in comparison to a sunny sky with sun, any thoughts? I am attaching two pictures below, the first one on the top is with a sky ’ sunny with sun’ and the second is cloudy sky

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