Sediment Transport and GH/Rhino

Hey there! I have been looking for a tool to assist me with integrating sediment transport into Grasshopper and the Rhino interface. I have looked into several software options - like RhinoCHAM, Eddy 3d, Butterfly, Swift, and AutoDesk CFD. I am working on a project that will analyze algal blooms, and I have a hunch that this sediment transport analysis may be an interesting way to visualize and map the issue as well as provide some illuminating information for watershed managers. All the while, I’d like to use GH/Rhino to inform the design and get real-time feedback.

I was hoping you could point me in the right direction or if you have any ideas! I understand this is a bit outside of the environmental analysis the ladybug suite deals with at the moment, but I have been using these tools for a while and really respect the knowledge that comes out of this forum. I think one potential option (which falls outside of my skills) is to connect the grasshopper plugin to an external CFD program - I think this is similar to how Butterfly works with OpenFOAM(?). If this is at all possible, how may I learn to do this?

One potential option I have found is Philip Belesky’s Groundhog. Though Groundhog has water-flow analysis which may be super helpful, it doesn’t fully analyze fluid dynamics as of now.

I’m getting the feeling that I may have to write something up that will allow me to work between software… Are there any resources you can point me towards? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.