Select **specific design days** before running sizing-period simulations

I’m trying to run some peak-heat gain studies on a concept-level massing. I have scripted out a workflow that uses only the sizing-period for the study, since I only need to evaluate the peak heat gain on the 0.4% Summer Design Day.

When I set the “for_sizing_period” to ‘True’ and “for_run_period” to ‘False’, on the HB Simulation Control Component, the workflow runs and gives me results for 31 different design days (with many 99.6% heating design days and many 0.4% cooling design days), although I would only want to run it just for the Annual peak Summer Design Day.

@chris , is there a way to pick and choose which design day I want to run the simulation for, and run it just for that day?

If not that, is there a way to parse the data tree results from the SQL file and isolate out the results just for the specific design day I want? However, this would be a bit counter-productive to run it for thirty more design days than what I want.

Would really use some help with this, thanks in advance :smiley: