Seperating the direct and diffuse light in Honeybee plus


I went through some of the example files in honeybee plus, but it is still not clear how it is possible to visualize the direct and the diffuse light seperately. Is it possible to do it in the daylight coefficient, and the three phase, and five phase method? or only in the three and five phase methods?

Thanks in advance,

Three phase method doesn’t have direct sun calculation. Daylight coefficient and 5 phase does (note that currently in 5phase we don’t currently use tensortree xml files for the fifth phase and hence the direct sun contribution is diffused!). In short daylight coefficient method is the best for studying direct vs diffuse contribution.

To answer the original question check out the mode input. It is available both for grid-based and image-based analysis. If there is no direct value (e.g. 3-phase calculation) it will return 0 for all the hours.