Set energyplus zones schedule - Occupancy Activity Schedule - Latent + Sensible

Hi all,
just want to check this with the community.
I’m setting the “OccupancyActivitySchedule” as a list of 24 values to be connected into “Honeybee_Set EnergyPlus Zones Schedules” for a energy simulation “exportToOpenStudio”.

Does the list of 24 input values (W) always include the summation of latent and sensible loads?

Or does this depend on which option is chosen at the “Simulation Outputs LoadType” (0, 1 or 2)?

Many thanks if you can clarify this doubt to me!

Yes, that is correct. EnergyPlus has built-in methods to autocalculate the split between latent and sensible heat from occupants using the activity level and the room temperature.

The fundamental physics of the simulation are not altered by which outputs you request from the simulation.

That’s very helpful! Thank you, Martina