Set up EP_Construction materials

Hello ,

I find myself problem on the initial setting, that is when I setting down a numbers of experience house (about 222.6 m) surface materials ,and the run energy simulation turns into red warning and severe error :

"1. The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error:
** Severe ** Temperature (high) out of bounds (215.21] for zone=“OFFICE”, for surface=“1”

Basically, every surface include wall, roof, glass that I set have this problem,
and when I just disconnect the EP_construction materials , the simulation become well !
Wanna figure it out, and know its default values (if I hasn’t set the materials then I have no idea what is the material or their U-value that I’m running now.)

I’m grateful to your help


attach (663.3 KB)

See attached.
It is working for me. I updated the file but also change the HB_runEnergySimulation for the more updated HB_exportToOpenStudio. It has the same functionalty of the first but has enhanced support for mechanical systems and further support of the IdealSystem. Check other discussions regarding this.
I used my local EPW, so i want to believe your weather file is not the one making trouble.
Hope it helps,
-A. (727.0 KB)

Dear Abraham :
Yes, I try on my local EPW file , it works . But somehow I always connected HB_runEnergySimulation script before ,and seems have no problem on that til this time. I’ll check more information about HB_exportToOpenStudio.
Really thank you for your help and advice.

Hello, Abraham .
Sorry for the problem again that I didn’t checked the solution carefully that day. Still found when I connect the HB_exportToOpenStudios shows the yellow color on the script, means that still can’t run correctly :frowning: . However, when I set the facade shading on, simulation process well. Seems like it’s depending on solar heat gain through the shading or not will change the interior & exterior heat balance, so I guess the zone_surface probably have a boundary temperature setting, maybe like on EP editor. “heat balance algorithm” ?
(not sure…)And how could it set on HB interface ?2

Thanks a lot !


You can see the error is in the temperatures being too high/low. It can happen for different reasons if your inputs are not set correctly.

Still working on figuring out now …
Thanks, Mostapha .