Setting different window properties

Dear all,

I am trying to perform a daylighting simulation and I want to set different window RAD materials in a same room.

I have already drawn the window sizes (as surfaces) and room geometry (as brep).

I have used the ‘addHBGlz’ component, but I can only set the same RAD material for each window. I have tried other combinations but they didn’t work.

How can I do? Any suggestion?



Ciao Ricardo,

So take it shortly:

  1. make the rad materials (windows) with your properities
    2) conect the rigth RAD to the surface(Widow) you want to
    3) you will have a HBsrf -this connect to HB object

    and you’re done, run it

if you want , you can upload your GH file with some pic, and I can set it up for you quickly.



Ciao Peter,

thanks for your reply.

I have already set these parameters: with only one type of window it works fine.

But when I have to define two or more type of windows (for example: a rooflight and a standard window) in the same room, it seems I cannot control their properties in a smart way.

I could assign each wall/roof of each window manually, but the process becomes too long, especially if I have a complex building.

I am not sure it is clear my question - please let me know if you need any clarification.

Thanks again,


Hi Riccardo,

Yes, I made a lot of simulations where I had couple of different window types and skylights in one room, you’re right it’s not easy and the script became big, but it’s a doable thing.


thank you Peter.

Please find attached my simple model I am using for testing.

I have created a brep volume with a rooflight and a window surface. I have tried to follow your suggestion: is it correct the code? Do I need to link each group of window in cascade?

Thanks a lot.


test.3dm (59.1 KB) (474 KB)

Sorry Ricardo,

i was a lil bit busy,

so, I put a red group under your script, thats the base what i did, take your surface add a material properieties and conect to HBobject (of course your surfaces can´t be one on another(layered) so you need actualy to cut the window out from the wall and left just the surface of window)


Peter (489 KB)


A bit different approach than Peter’s.

Just decomposed your box and then assigned the window surfaces and materials. See blue group.

-A. (510 KB)

Hi guys,

thanks a lot.

I have seen your suggestion and I have some questions:

  • if I try to run Peter’s model, it doesn’t recognize the windows. Don’t I need to use ‘addHBGlz’ component?

  • Abraham’s solution works fine, but it seems it can be complicated to manage if I have more than one room. Is it correct? How can I do if I have for example 3-4 spaces with more than one window type on the walls?

  • Is my previous ‘cascade’ approach wrong? Because I obtain results but I am not sure the model works fine.

Thanks again.


The cascade is not working well because it doesn’t recognize which surface should get the window geometry. In your case the wall was “lucky” but the roof doesn’t. In this case you can simulate but the results are “garbage” since the roof is just a hole without the glazing. See attached.

Basically you need to assign a window(s) to a specific surface. You can get more parametric and define a percentage for each orientation. Not sure how to deal here with different materials, but maybe it is possible.

Can’t see any more effective way to deal with this …

-A. (476 KB)

Have you tried to graft the windows, walls and materials. In that case you can do it all using the same component. Also is there any logic that can help you to separate group of windows with the same material?