Setting up a skyrise with plenums for E+

Hello guys,

Exploring the the boundaries of modeling huge buildings with HB, I´m trying to setup a case-study of a sky-rise building that includes plenums. I´m uncertain about how to weave the settings of such a model. I started defining the attributes for each zone by spreading each of them in a branch, yet at one point the attributes started being assigned to the geometry of a single zone (Pics). I added some questions, and some of the limitations I found when generating the model in the file I´m attaching. Any feedback would be appreciated!


Hi Alejandro,

I can’t check your file right now but just back to Plenum there is a component that may make part of the process easier for you.


Hi Mostapha,

In regards to that component, I added it but I was uncertain of when to merge it to the regular zones, if before defining the loads and schedules, or if after…


I updated the file (a couple of improvements) (1.16 MB)