Shading Control with a defined setpoint

Dear all,

I’m actually trying to figure out if it’s possible to add a shading control to a window in the Energy+ script by using some HoneyBee components. In particular I would like to add a setpoint, for example “OnIfHighSolarOnWindow” with a setpoint of 120 W/m2, as you can do in the IDF Editor of the Energy+ tool. See screenshots below.

I’m wondering if I necessarily have to dive into the wonderful world of the “additionalStrings” input in the HoneyBee_RunEnergySimulation panel or if there’s an easier way since I’m not really confident with scripts.

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In this POST there are some good tips by Chris Mackey about how the shades work, but I could’t find a solution to my problem.

Hi Claudio

After looking through the code I see that Chris hasn’t implemented this functionality. Its pretty easy to do and using additional strings in this case in my opinion would be a nightmare.

So I’ve edited the component and added the setpoints functionality for you. You just need to put the number in the input blindsSetpoint_. I haven’t tested it thoroughly at this point so let me know on this discussion if you have any issues with it.

WindowShadeGenerator w setpoints example AJZ (561 KB)

Wow Anton,
I’m pretty impressed! Thanks a lot for your extremely kind and fast reply.
I start immediately using your edited component and I’ll let you know if I find something wrong with it.

Nice work Anton! Should we add your updated component to Honeybee?

Hi Mostapha,

first of all I want to tell you that you and your colleagues are doing a great job with LadyBug and HoneyBee. Never had the chance to thank you before so, thanks!

Unfortunately today I’ve had too many things to do and I didn’t manage to check properly Anton’s panel. At a first look it looks great anyway.
Just, if you add this updated component to HoneyBee I would suggest you to add another input. Actually the preset for the Shading Control Type is “ALWAYSON” but it needs to be replaced with “OnIfHighSolarOnWindow” for example. Otherwise the setpoint is useless I think.
I solved it just by replacing every “ALWAYSON” there was in the code with the name of the new desired type and it apparently works fine (I’ll update if something get wrong), but maybe you have a nice way to implement it into your HoneyBee panel.

Thanks again for your help.

Hi Claudio,

Thank you for the nice comments and the feedback. I added an issue so we can take care of it soon. Chris has written this component and is the one to say the last word. I’m sure he will update this discussion once he get a chance.




The Window Shade Generator has been in need of some major edits for a while and I was planning to set aside a weekend where I would implement the following on the component:

  1. Add the ability to model interior fabric shades and exterior perforated screens (not just blinds/louvers)

  2. Add the ability to model electrochromic glazing

  3. Add the ability to have the shading controlled by radiation or temperature setpoints

  4. Get all of these shade capabilities to work with the OpenStudio component (as well as the EnergyPlus component).

I am sorry that I have not had the time to sit down and do this sooner. I will try to take care of it either this weekend or the next and I will post here once it is finished unless Anton is able to take this on. Also, great job, Anton! You are becoming a master of the code!


Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply.
Actually Anton’s modified panel works great, but I really look forward to see the results of your coding session. It looks promising and in the close future I could find it really useful I think.

Thanks in advance.



Glad to hear that you have something that works for you presently. If I implement these capabilities soon, I will will be sure to use Anton’s version as a starting point.


To everyone following this thread,

I just wanted to let you know that I have finished adding in all of the features that I said I would implement earlier. There is now full support for setpoints and all types of shadingcontrol with these setpoints:…

You can find an example GH file here:…



thanks a lot for your awesome work. In the next days/weeks I’ll work with your new component and I’ll let you know if I find some troubles with it.

Meanwhile…all the best and happy 2016.




after a quick look at the “shade part” of the component I found a couple of severe errors adding a custom shade material.

The first one I think there’s a spelling mistake in the code at this point of the code:

991…#Check the schedule
992…if schedule == ‘ALWAYS ON’:
993…schedCntrlType = ‘ALWAYS ON’

the line 993 should be ‘ALWAYSON’ with no spaces in the middle, I think. (See screenshot from the IDF editor where the mistake is highlighted by the software). I corrected it and it should be fixed.

The second one is apparently related to the Infrared Hemispherical Emissivity. I got this Severe error:

** Severe ** WindowMaterial:Shade=“WHITEETFE_HOR_EXTERNAL_LAYER_TRANS”, Illegal value combination.
** ~~~ ** Infrared Hemispherical Emissivity + Infrared Transmittance not < 1.0

Not sure about what’s wrong with this. I attach the material I was trying to use and the panel in the IDF editor.

Always talking about the shades part of the panel, I noticed that you always have to define an input to “distToGlass_” and “shadeCntrlType_”. It looks like if it doesn’t fit these fields with the default data if left empty. These are just minor stuff, by the way.

Hopefully these are the only bugs, I’ll let you know if I find something else.



I am so sorry for the late response. I got sucked into a black whole of LBNL THERM development this past week and I should have responded to your bug report first. I was able to re-create your second error about emissivity. It was a bug an I have since fixed it:…

You can find an updated example file here:…

I was not able to re-create your first error with the ‘ALWAYS ON’ schedule. Could you upload a GH file that shows the error?

Thank you, as always, for finding these bugs.



I actually don’t have any other bug to report but I’m going to use this tool quite often since now so I’ll basically keep testing it more deeply and I’ll eventually let you know, of course.

I attach a GH file as required with 2 panels. The original one shows the bug while in the modified one I deleted the space between the words “ALWAYS ON” in the line 997 of the code. Basically the problem occurs when you set that the shade is always on.

Thank you, as always, for fixing these bugs!

Claudio (548 KB)


This file seems to be working fine for me now with the ALWAYS ON schedule. Also I am not getting the WindowMateria severe error which you got.


EnergyPlus_Window_Shade_Generator_CMmodif (557 KB)