Shading Designer Context not being recognized

Hi All,

I am using Ladybug_ShadingDesigner to define overhang for a window. I tried to use shading designer from this hydra example. What I’m with is getting my context recognized.

I believe the shading generated is not being influenced by the context geometry that I am supplying. Can anybody suggest what I am missing here? Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!

-Devang (513 KB)

Hi Devang,

I think you can solve your problem in this way:

  1. you should make something like in the screenshot below. This is because of MeshRay component.

  1. basically “4 true” means that the window is obstructed. So you should use “<” instead “<=” and move a bit your obstruction to leave sufficient space to rays which comes from vertices of the window.


It reminds me something we are cooking Antonello … :slight_smile:


Hi Abraham,

I would be interested in what you both are collaborating on.