Shading Elements within Honeybee Zones

I’m currently doing a lot of daylight and radiation simulations with Honeybee and Ladybug, but I keep running in to the same problem multiple times:

How can I implement/define loose elements in a zone to get a realistic daylight simulation?

For example: What if a room has a small wall or element in the middle that does not cut it into two zones but does take away light in the space behind? How does Honeybee allow this element to be taken into account for daylight simulation?

Other example: What if you have a 6 storey Atrium, with one walkbridge in the middle that decreases the amount of Lux underneath but does not cut the atrium into separate zones?

Where should I add such a surface in my GH-HB definition?

Hope someone can help


Hi Dwayne,

I’m not really an expert since I started using these tools just few weeks ago, but I think that if you run just daylighting analysis using Radiance as a software engine you have no problems in adding this “isolated” objects. You just have to assign them a radiance material using a ‘Honeybee_createHBSrfs’ panel and then plugging them into the “_HBObjects” input of the “Honeybee_Run Daylight Simulation” panel.

Radiance should not care about zones, if they’re opened or closed etc…


Here is an example that follows the workflow that Claudio mentioned. There are more examples on Hydra for putting a daylight model together. You can use any of the components as far as they create a Honeybee object. Check this one for another example.