Shading Trasmittance Glare no difference

Hello all, this is driving me nuts.

I am trying to do a glare analysis with a shade that has some transparency to it (Variation in transmittance)

The results don’t change when I modify the transmittance schedule.

What am I doing wrong ?

Revit heat and light (814.8 KB)

Hi @Alakelele, you’re modifying the energy plus construction, not the radiance parameters - you need to apply/set radiance modifiers.

Thank you, so ladybug has two different engines for accomplishing the same thing ? Which one is best ?

Hey @Alakelele,

HB Radiance is generally for daylight/radiation simulations and HB Energy uses EnergyPlus for energy model simulations.

Glare analysis would fall under HB radiance. I don’t believe there’s currently a simple way to model a varying transmittance shade in HB radiance, I think the functionality is coming soon and Mikkel has shared some short terms work arounds, try searching for shade state on the forum for more details

Another note, you seem to be using an opaque modifier when I assume you want a glass modifier?

In my case that would be a translucent shade, but changing the parameters doesn’t affect the Glare analysis. So I suppose it’s not working for now

Have you tried checking the scene to see if the modifier looks how you expect?

I’d also recommend doing a point in time glare study so you can look at the image produced for a specific time when you’re interested in glare.

I’m not familiar with the physics behind a translucent shade - you’d need to read up on what the behaviour is by doing some research into radiance.

It’s more likely to be an issue with the specfic setup and scene than the components not working correctly (although bugs do appear occasionally!)

You were right, there is definitely something happening. The Calculate Glare component doesn’t seem to understand the difference. Curious