Shadings in Daylight analysis with Honeybee

Hello Mostapha,

I started to study Honeybee for a work, thank you for the tool, I’m impressed.

I have two questions:

1 - is it possible to consider shadings outside the windows in a Daylight analysis?

2 - is it possible give a material (transparency) to the shadings? It could be different fabrics with different opacities.

Thank you.


Hi Francesco, Thanks!

  1. Yes. Just create the shadings. Use Honeybee_CreateHBSrfs to change it to a Honeybee object. I’m pretty sure that I’m doing something similar in 007_annualDaylightAnalysis_II_dynamicBlinds example.

  2. Yes. Just create the material and assign it to the shading materials. You can assign any king of RADIANCE materials to the shadings including transparent or translucent materials.

Here is an example file: (122 KB)

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