Shadow range analysis, legend shows '<0 hours'

The result is always shown like this: it is always 0 hours.

I could run the file downloaded from hydra. Nothing is changed but the context and geograpgy.
I noticed that my model is much more larger than the original example so I enlarge the grid to 1000, but it did not work either. The sunlight hours are always 0.
Don’t know what is going wrong…

Hi @Zih Maybe the test point and the mesh is under the ground.
Please check the normal direction of the surface.Make sure it is Up+Zaxis.


Thank you so much. The meshes are up-ground. I would appreciate it very much if you could help to tell me how to reset the test point.
By the way, I just found that my program could work only when the brep of geograpgy is put in the first layer…
I just put my funny solution here in case of anyone meets the same problem. And my version is Rhino 7.0

@Zih You can use flip compotent to reverse the normal direction of surface.

It is hard to understand this. Maybe you should check the Units for Rhino.