Shadow range diagram question

Hi everybody,

i am trying to get my head around the shadow range analysis which i downloaded from


i have attached the file i am experimenting at the moment.

I want to show the shadows inside the box to see

how much daylight i get inside the apartment.

but for some reason the shadow range is not showing on the floor.

Thank you for your help!!!

Really appreciate it.

model.3dm (94 KB) (406 KB)

  1. You need to connect the floor to geometry input and not context.

  2. The floor surface is looking downwards. Make sure to flip the surface.

thank you Mostapha for your quick reply.

i have checked the direction of the floor

it shows up.

and floor brep is connected to geometry

but the shadow does not display correctly on the floor

model_2.3dm (58.3 KB) (402 KB)

it works now

just had to hide the existing walls and floors

thank you again

hi Mostapha

i am still struggling

the image below shows the box facing south

which means in australia there should not be direct sunlight at all.

would be great if you could clarify.

thank you so much

those are the files.

South should show just black on the floor

since the south facing opening should not get any sunlight (403 KB)
model_3.3dm (56.7 KB)

Plot the sunpath and check sun positions and angles.

Hi Mostapha

thank you for your support.

the last thing i Would like to understand is why

in the sun legend (see image below) it shows hours white: 9<=

although i have set up the simulation from 9.00 - 15.00 which means the maximum of sunlight could only be 6 hours.