Should the geometry been analyzed be part of the context?

For the sunlight hours and radiation analysis components, I wonder that the geometry for analysis should also be part of the context if the self-shading effect of the geometry been analyzed needs to be considered.

i.e. the geometry connected to the _geometry node shall also be connected to context_ node on both components.


Hi Grasshope,

The simple answer is not. You don’t need to connect the geometry also as context. The Context affects the geometry, but not viceversa. The Geometry, on the other hand, affects each element and is affected by other elements of the geometry.

As in your above example, if you don’t want the shadow cast on one of the buildings (or ground), but you it to cast shadow over other geometries, you should input is as context.

Hope is clear enough.


Thanks, Abraham!

I did a test and it is as what you explained. I understand now that the geometries connected to “_geometry” on radiation analysis component will affect each other.