Simulate many discontinuous hours of the year

What is the best way to simulate many discontinuous hours of the year? This would be very useful for model year analysis.

For example, 6a,9a,12p,3p,6p,9p on 2/1,5/1,8/1,11/1: 24 analysis periods. If the sample points are numerous (eg., 30-50k points in a grid), that is a bit of a mess of data tree management.

I tried hacking together the analysis period and header construct components to get the 24 hoy’s into one data object but the constructor gives an error that they are not in series. I am now just grafting and running each analysis period independently (outdoorMRT component) but this is a bit ugly I think.

What would really make me happy would be a component that makes a discontinuous analysis period based on a list of hoy’s.