Simulating trees in Honeybee Outdoor Airflow Analysis



I have been using the honeybee Outdoor Airflow Analysis tool for some projects at work, looking at how the wind interacts with different building configurations and I have completed some studies on pedestrian wind comfort. I frequently get asked about creating landscaping type of wind breaks. I have tried some simulations with objects representing trees but I don’t really feel comfortable with the accuracy of the results as they are simulated as solid objects when in reality there will be some wind that can pass through the branches. I just wanted to ask what the best practices around this is, and if there is some kind of transparency setting that I can use to more accurately simulate trees/bushes/etc.



@ELeriche By the way, Honeybee does not have the Outdoor airflow component. Acoording to your description, Outdoor airflow analysis can be done by Butterfly.