Simulation error: 'EPZone' object has no attribute 'cenPt' geometry

Hi. I’ve created a building manually, with levels and windows. I turned the geometry into honeybee zones, created the windows with Add glazing tool and now I’m trying to simulate it, but i get this error message: Solution exception:‘EPZone’ object has no attribute ‘cenPt’ geometry. When I try to simulate a simple geometry, just for test, it runs. Can anyone help me?

Modelo de desempenho - Andressa 02 (738 KB)

Hi Andressa,

I’m almost certain that this error is occurring because some of your components are not up to date. For some reason the Honeybee_Update Honeybee file is not working to automatically do this, can you try updating all your components manually and let me know how you go?

I’m betting the clusters have something to do with this.

The update components are turning red, os i suppose it is related to the clusters somehow.


Thanks for your answer Anton! But when I test some simpler geometry, in the same definition, it works. So, I think that updating is not a problem. :confused:

Thanks for your answer Abraham! What can I do, maybe undo all the clusters?

What i would do is to take a simple case, without clusters and with clusters and see if there are differences with the update process. At least to understand there is (or not) a problem there.


Hi Andressa,

I was searching for the same problem & I found these discussions :……

It may help you solve your problem .

wish you all the best ,