Sky type


I have started honey here some problems that I encounter with them.

the first one is :what are the differences between “climate based sky”,“standard CIE sky”,“cumulative sky” and “average sky”?

the second one is:what are the each sky type definition exactly?(sunny with sun,sunny without sun,intermediate with sun,…)

finally,in image based analysis,when I render from my building,can I have this rendering as a picture outside the grasshopper?if yes,how can find it?

Best Regards for you

Hi Sajad,

  1. I think I answer most of your questions in this video ( In short Climate based sky is using epw weather file to generate the sky but CIE skies are standard models (See this file page 19 and 20). Average sky is a climate based sky that averages the values for each hour during the month, and it’s useful to get a sense about the sky condition.

  2. If you google for CIE sky and Radiance you will find several discussions. Some of them like sunny without sun are made for very particular uses. Read Greg’s post here.

  3. Yes. If you check the output of the component you can see the file path.

Thanks a lot Mostafa