Skylight subface

Hi to all,

I am trying to simulate an atrium space with adiabatic walls and a skylight on top. I have not been able to define correctly de skylight within the HB definition.
Did you have the same issue? if so, How did you fix it?

Atrium (22.6 KB)

Hi @Julioamodia89

Here your model works perfectly.
Perhaps something with the units (has to be meters)

I think the units are the problem. You have to set drawing units to meters.

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Hi Erik,

It was in meters. It might be the HB version? mine is 1.3.

Hi @Julioamodia89 ,

Mostly this happens when units or tolerances in the rhino document are set differently.
Your 1.3 version works fine on my computer even if I have installed 1.6

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