Skymatrix dome error

Hi everyone!

I am using the ladybug tool to analyze the incident raidance. When I was trying to build the sky matrix, there appears this error. Do know why and how to fix this? I have tried reinstalling ladybug and radiance several times, but the result is the same.

It says:

  1. Solution exception:Input max is less than input min. nan < 0.

Hey @leizhi97 ,

It looks like you somehow have an EPW file that results in Radiance returning not-a-number (NaN) values. Can you post a link to this EPW file and I’ll see if I can recreate it on my end?

If so, I may be able to push a fix or at least give a better message for this case.

Hi Chris,

I have tried these two links, and both of them have the same problem:

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi Chris,

I just found that I use the wrong wire connection between import_epw to skymatrix. I guess the EPW file is fine. Thank you again!

Ah, of course! :man_facepalming: I should have caught that from the first screenshot. Glad that you figured it out.